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A short comedy horror comedy film that I shot in a few hours and edited over a weekend.

After a hard day at work Duane just wants to kick back, play Call of Duty, and a drink a nice cool Red Bull. Unfortunately his fridge has other ideas.

I was wanting to make something John Carpenter style, a self contained monster that is threatening without actually moving. As I was trying to figure out an idea, my fridge started buzzing. So I took the idea that maybe there’s another dimension inside the fridge and developed the idea from there.
I only gave myself a couple of hours to shoot and was going to create what I could in the edit. I used my cellphone to film a couple of shots including the final ‘death shot’, although I wish I’d just used my camera and a wider lens as it took ages to try and match the colors.

The entire music is completely made up from different fridge buzzes I found on the internet, the drum beats aremade from various fridge sounds such as slamming doors, shelves clanging and ice dropping.

A lot of the shots are VFX shots as I shot the main shots of the fridge before I wrote on the shopping list. So I had to go back and add the shopping list back in for continuity. I also had to composite a couple of shots together as I didn’t quite have enough coverage.
For the ‘death scene’ I used a datamosh plugin demo and played around with it until I got something I was satisfied with.
I wish I’d spent more time on the final greenscreen when the clothes drop.

Some of the themes I wanted to bring together for this were John Carpenter, Steven King, douchebags, retro horror, inanimate objects, one room horror, nine inch nails soundtracks.

Super special thanks to Al White for making this possible.