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The Itch

A short Hitchcock/Saul Bass style horror animation that I made in a weekend.

A man sits alone in an office and is visited by a mysterious salesman. He is given one opportunity to save himself from a mysterious disease known only as ‘The Itch’

I had an idea for a self-contained creepy short that needed minimal assets, I decided to go for a silhouette style, which then developed into a Saul Bass-esqe type of animation. Saul Bass seemed like an apt animation style considering the Hitchcock type of story.

I used After Effects and just the shape tool to create all the assets. I then added the paper background texture and projected the shadows onto the paper to make it look like it was part of an old school PI type briefing.

Some of the themes I wanted to bring together for this were missed opportunities, one-room theater plays, film noir, small self-contained stories.