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A short post apocalyptic political comedy film that I made in a weekend.

Meet . The world has became a post apocalyptic hellscape and political funraiser Michael Z’Myth is urging you to vote for Supreme Demon Lord Zaggurath for Senate in order to keep it that way.

The idea for this started as an idea for a creepy cult member trying to raise funds for their church, but as I wrote out the final script I realized it would be better if it was a fundraising video for a political party. I’m actually super proud of the way the lighting turned out in this. I really took my time positioning the lights and jumping back in front of the camera to check. Glad I took the time to do it.

The actual demon figure itself came together fairly easily, I drew a simple outline, animated ‘roughen edges’ in After Effects and then layered a bunch of fire effects over it.

Some of the themes I wanted to bring together for this were politics, cults, post-apocalyptic hellscapes, weird PSAs and world building on a super small scale.